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We at Ameri-Pooch have supported America through military service and will continue to serve her by supporting American workers and entrepreneurs
We are dedicated to American Jobs and to our customers (2 and 4 legged) and will do everything we can to provide pet products that are made in the USA and are safe for our pets.
If we wouldn’t let Bessie or Dahlia use it, THEN WE WON’T SELL IT.
As life-long dog companions, we understand the strength of the bond between humans and their pets, and understand our innate desire to protect our pets and show our love (even if sometimes it can be called “indulging”).
Ameri-Pooch will always be dedicated to this relationship, and to helping to keep America strong.  .
We are also supportive of environmentally friendly products and companies that are environmentally conscious; after all, we only have one earth….
shouldn’t we keep it beautiful?