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Sometimes I am amazed at how clever a dog can be, but this one is a first for me.  Bessie is a very sensual dog, always  ready a belly rub. She even goes into public places and throws herself on her back so people can give her what she wants. It doesn’t matter where..big box store, nursing home, business offices.  Over the past 2 weeks we have been more diligent about daily brushing, and now when I put the brush down on the couch, she turns it bristles up, and then rubs her cheeks on it.  After she is finished with that phase of her grooming, she moves on to her back areas, and, while lying on her back, uses her hind legs to slide herself over the brush. Usually by that time I am finding her so darn cute I will go back to helping her out, since it is hard for her to do her back herself. Imagine what she could do with opposable thumbs!