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Today was a fantastic PAT visit. Dahlia did overtime, and could have kept going, but don’t want to burn her out. She has a definite preference for men..lying in bed and offering her tummy for scratching..so out of character. She also played with several of the residents, and held “court”. All these residents sitting around the bench we were on, going from person to person. One of her best successes today was a resident terrified of dogs…but she slowly reached out her hand, tentatively patting her on the head, and then it happened. That magical moment when she confidently opened her hand and started stroking away. Marveling at how soft and silky she is, and smiling! And her first room visit with a new resident. He lay on that bed, playing with her, and giggling like a schoolgirl.  Who needs expensive studies that tell us that dogs make our lives better?  Perhaps the cost is a toll on the pet’s part. Dahlia’s head is getting so big she won’t be able to hold it up pretty soon!